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The Association of Hungarian Deepfreezeing and Canning Industry is a voluntary civil organisation of the producers/processors and wholesalers of frozen and canned vegetables and fruits, and educational and research institutions working on the field of food science and technology.

The association was founded by 24 founding members in 1988. Recently we have 34 members which represents the 80-90% of the processing capacity of Hungarian processed vegetable and fruit production. Among the members can be found traditional large Hungarian enterprises, small and medium-size producers and multinational companies. As a result of our diversified circle of members  besides of processing enterprises, also trading companies, R&D institutes, universities and colleges are reperesented in the association.

In the frame of its activity the association offers appearance at professional agrarian and foodprocessing forums to its members, and participate in the development of the legislation of our sector. It is a member of ÉFOSZ (National Association ofFood Processors) and FruitVeb (Fruit&Vegetable Producecouncil). As a member of FruitVeb, an interbranch organisation, MHKSZ represent the whole processing product path of vegetables and fruits. It cooperates with the other members in organizing programs in the subject of technical developments, innovation, marketing offering the professional background of its members.

MHKSZ is also a member of PROFEL (European Association of Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industries) and AETMD (European Association of Transformers of sweetcorn).

The role of the Hungarian Deepfreezing and Canning Association:

  1. Organizing conferences and product display shows, preparing recommendations for and coordinating the expansion of the branch,participating in the developmnet of marketing strategy of the branch.
  2. Following and analysing the economical process of the branch, preparing and presenting propositions in order to achieve governmental action in legislation.
  3. Through its experts it offering opinion to legislative-, technical,financial, enviromental issues,representing the interest of its members.
  4. Taking an active part in the work of the international organisations and continously reporting to its members about this activity
  5. Steping up on behalf of its members against unfair market behaviour, the abuse of dominant position, the formation of monopole position
  6. Helping the members with information about the requirements of the European Single Market, about the related legaslation.
  7. Following up on brand-, origin-, and patent-protection, supporting the efficient and unified action against the wrongdoers.
  8. In order to complete its task, venturing acitivity – as a secondary nature – is allowed, including foundation of legal ventures, or foundations or entering in existing ones.