Who can be a memeber?

  1. The Association is an open, property-neutral organisation.
  2. Membership is open to all natural and legal persons, companies without legal personality
    • who accepts these Statutes of the Association and abides by its provisions,
    • is involved in the production, distribution and logistics of chilled, frozen, canned or otherwise preserved foodstuffs in the context of fruit and vegetable processing, in ready-to-eat, semi-prepared or convenience form
    • is involved as a manufacturer or supplier in the technical and technological processes involved, or carries out research, development and training activities related to the industry.
  3. The origin of the membership:
    • founding member: anyone who has signed the founding register at the inaugural general meeting
    • Associate Member: any person who has submitted a declaration of intention to become a Member after the inaugural Members’ Meeting and has been confirmed by the Bureau. In this case, the date of confirmation shall be the starting date of membership.
      Membership is confirmed by the secretariat of the association, after payment of the membership fee, by validating the membership card.